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Day One

Opening Session

Recitation verses from Holy Qur’an
National anthem of I.R of Iran

Abolghasem Rahmani, secretary of the conference
Explanation of the goals and activities of the conference.

Ali Kardor, Managing director of the National Iranian Oil Company
explanation of the existing situation in national oil company

Habibollah Bitaraf, Deputy Minister for Engineering
Research and Technology of ministry of petroleum & Chairman of the conference
Expression of the Need for Asset integrity management with International Approaches.

Networking & Exhibition Opening

Round table:
Coordinator: Alireza Aslearabi
General Director of Physical Asset Management System of Ministry Petroleum (5’)
Opportunities, Challenges and Approaches to Asset Integrity Management in Oil Industry


Hamid bovard
Managing Director of IOOC (10’)

Mohammad Meshkinfam,
Managing Director of POGC (10’)

Sepehr Sepehri,
Managing Director of NIDC (10’)

S.Pirouz Mousavi,
Managing Director Of IOTC (10’)

Ali Osuli ,
Managing Director of KEPCO (10’)

Q & A (35’)

Panel Topic: Policy Making, Planning and Implementation of AIM in Onshore and Offshore Oil & Gas Industries

Panel Chair: Touraj Dehghani, Managing Director and Member of the board of PEDEC’s
Touraj Dehghani, Managing Director of PEDEC’s, Introduction (15’)
Khalil Ghanadi, Deputy of Physical Asset Management System of Ministry Petroleum

General policy of the Ministry of Petroleum for the Asset Integrity Management (15’)
Raja BOU Fakher Aldeen, B.V. Company , International Best Practice Governance Model for Asset Integrity Management – National Oil & Gas Company Perspective (15’)

Ali Zuashkiani, CEO of Pamco,
The Role of International Standards and Excellence Models in Asset Management (15’)

Shervin Maleki, TWI Company,
AIM Development and Implementation Challenges on Aging Asset (15’)

Q & A (15’)

Panel Topic: Risk Assessment in AIM

Panel Chair: Farshad Nourai, CEO of NEXO

Farshad Nourai, NEXO, Introduction (15’)

Mohammad Kasaian, Islamic Azad University
Risk management of Asset integrity management in Oil & Gas Project -Ensuring the Integrity, reliability and Sustainability (15’)

Iman Shirianpour, HSE Manager,
Iranian Offshore Oil Company, Impact of Maintenance and repair and human factor in Oli companies on Safety integrity level of SIS (15’)

Ron de Bruijn, Riskonet B.V.,
Importance of Risk and insurance in AIM (15’)

Mahmoud El-Alfy,B.V.,
Enhancing the Major Accident Hazards Management Culture through a Goal Based Approach, The European Perspective, EU Directive 2013/30/EU (15’)

Q & A (15’)

Technical panel: Pipeline Integrity Management System (PIMS)

Panel Chair: Saeid Mohammadnia,
Pipeline Engineering Manager, Iranian Offshore Engineering and Construction Company

Saeid Mohammadnia, Iranian Offshore Engineering and Construction Company.
Practical role of AIMS in efficiency increasing of the pipeline (15’)

Amir Nouri , Pars Oil & Gas Company
Dimensions of challenges and PIMS implementation experiences in Iranian Oil & Gas (15’)

Mohammad Shaghaghi , Iranian Offshore Engineering and Construction Company
leakage in pipelines and leak detection (15’)

Marzieh Amanabadi, Iranian Offshore Engineering and Construction Company
Sensitivity analysis based on As-Built pipeline profile to monitoring actual operation. (15’)

Ali Khavasfar, Iranian Offshore Oil Company
PIMS implementation challenges in Oil & Gas industries. (15’)

Q & A (15’)

PIMS Technical Workshop

Chair: Saeid Mohammadnia
Iranian Offshore Engineering and Construction Company

Hamed Bidabadi
Deep Sea Offshore, RBI in PIMS (25’)

Mohammad Shaghaghi, Iranian Offshore Engineering and Construction Company
Emergency Repair Procedure for offshore pipelines(25’)

Amir Nouri, Pars Oil & Gas Company
A review of the framework and requirements of the marine pipelines integrity management system based on the international reference documents. (25’)

Q & A (15’)

Technical panel: Reservoir Integrity Management System (RIMS)

Panel Chair: Shahab Gerami, IOR Research Institue of NIOC

Shahab Gerami, NIOC-IORI,
Reservoir Management Processes and Challenges (20’)

Mohammad Abdali, NISOC,
Data Management (20’)

Seyed Mahdi Motahari, RIPI
Integrated Asset Modeling-IAM (20’)

Ali Yazdani, KPE
Production Optimization through Integrated Asset Management (20’)

Q & A (10’)

RIMS Workshop

Chair: Gholamreza Shokravi,
Iranian Offshore Engineering and Construction Company

Rahim Masoudi, PETRONAS,
Beyond Convention in Field Development, Reservoir Management & Surveillance Strategies (80’)

Q & A(10’)

Article presentation

Chair: Mohamad Javad Ketabdari,Amir Kabir University of Technology

Zohreh Sadat Hagheghi, Mohamad Javad Ketabdari (15’)
the long-term design conditions for offshore structures in the Persian Gulf based on Inverse First Order Reliability Method (IFORM)

Seyed Amirreza Afzali, Mohammad Raie (15’)
Assessment of External Corrosion Geometry and Pipeline Weight in Free Spans on Integrity of Offshore Pipelines

Mohammad Reza Tabeshpour, Seyed Mohammadreza Seyed Abasian Ramin Nobakht (15’)
Structural Integrity Management

Reza Ghazanfari, Majid Alijani (15’)
ROV Application in Asset Integrity Management System

Mohammad Torabi (15’)
Evaluation of General Corrosion in Pressure Vessels

Aboo Mohammad Torabi, Ahad Mohammadi (15’)
Redevelopment of South Pipelines and Platforms Modification on Existing Platforms in Mumbai High Field


Chair: Maziar Akhavan, QHSE Manager,
Iranian Offshore Engineering and Construction Company

Shervin Maleki,Neil Harrap,Tan,TWI Company,
Baysian Updating &AI (Bayesian Updating Baysian) Network, Artificial Intelligence (80’)

Q & A (10’)

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Deadline for Abstract Submission
15th April 2018

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25th April 2018

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5th May 2018

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25th May 2018


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