Over the years, there has been lots of uneconomical loss of resources due to the lack of comprehensive planning and the absence of an Asset Integrity Management System (AIMS) in the oil and gas industries, which has caused explosion, production cessation, loss of life, and high financial harms. These include fire in refineries, platform explosions and offshore gas transmission lines, as well as the explosion of gathering gas pipelines. Unsuitable design, inappropriate operation, lack of monitoring and periodic inspections, using of incorrect maintenance and repair techniques can lead to the occurrence of such kinds of events. Given the depreciation of oil and gas supplies and equipment, the likelihood of such occasions is increasing, which results in the need to use a system for preventing sudden events and increase the lifetime of equipment which become more and more important. In this regard, the Asset Integrity Management System will be valuable as a new technique to ensure the efficiency and effectiveness of assets at all stages of the life-cycle.

   Asset Integrity Management System includes planning, inspection, monitoring, maintenance and repair of all equipment  used in various industries. Asset Integrity Management is an appropriate approach to assess the productivity and effectiveness of a system and the vision is the proper  and effective functioning of assets. This system is a tool to ensure that human resources, planning systems, equipment, processes and resources are in  proper place, to be utilized purposefully and effectively and  to minimize the risk of operations. In general, the most important goal of this system is the optimal and effective operation of the equipment at its maximum life expectation, cost-effectiveness and safety.

Considering the importance of this issue, the1st Conference on Asset Integrity Management in Oil and Gas will be held by Iranian Oil and Gas Engineering and Construction Company (IOEC) & IICIC, with cooperation of Oil and Gas companies and universities, on January 21- 22, 2018 in Tehran on the offshore and onshore, refinery, petrochemical, pipeline, cables and terminal equipment.



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